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A professional consulting firm to help clients implement innovative solutions for
financial management, supply chain management and business transformation.

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Consulting Services

Corporate Planning & Financial Management Consulting

@Stream supports global manufacturing corporations in promoting timely PDCA for revenue structure reformation and group consolidation through constructing cost management systems as well as consolidated 3-axis revenue management practices.

  • Build consolidated Three-axis revenue management system based on Product, Customer/Market, and Locale
  • Restructure Cost and Revenue management systems

Supply Chain Innovation Consulting

@Stream supports global manufacturers to achieve acceptable inventory levels, minimize shipment delays and reduce cost.

  • Design, Implement and Manage Supply Chain KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Supply Chain reform through elimination of Obsolete Inventory
  • Promote productivity improvements through Manufacturing Scorecard methodology

Business Structure Remodeling Consulting

@Stream assists in organizing the objectives and strategies to achieve mid to long-term management goals and implementing the supporting business platforms, such as business models and information systems.

  • Assist Business Strategy organizing and development of vital reformation tactics
  • Support design and implementation of mid to long-term information system plans

’Visibility (KPI Management) Implementation Consulting

@Stream supports activities to design, implement and permeate management systems for Eisualizing Emultiple management level goals and the strategies, policies, functions, and resources required to achieve them.

  • KPI Management design and implementation support
  • KPI Management permeation activity support

KPI Key Performance Indicators


Consumer Business Consulting

@Stream offers total support in the Consumer Business sector, including Marketing, Strategy Planning, and Operation Improvement from a vital ‘consumer viewpoint'

【Target Industries】

  • Retail
  • Food Business
  • Consumer Products
  • Other Consumer Services (Leisure, Entertainment, etc.)
  • Support strategy planning and implementation for strengthening Sales Force and Marketing
  • Increase corporate value (turnaround) for retail and Food Service businesses
  • Develop process and system for sales management and revenue management

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