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A professional consulting firm to help clients implement innovative solutions for
financial management, supply chain management and business transformation.

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■Consumer Products Industry Consulting

Marketing Innovation from a 'Customer Viewpoint'

  • Develop strategy and management system to strengthen manufacturer and sales company sales power.
  • Strategy planning for direct sales and dealerships aimed at strengthening manufacturers sales network.
  • Utilize KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to evaluate sales, revenue, and supply chain improvement and progress.
●Branding Strategy for Company Owned Stores
●Innovating Sales, Revenue, and Supply Chain Management Practices Through Effective KPI(Key Performace Indicators)Management
Innovating Sales, Revenue, and Supply Chain Management Practices
Through Effective KPIEEey Performace IndicatorsEEManagement

Consumer Products Industry Consulting Results

  • Plan new store concept to strengthen sales network
  • Outline issues and set KPI for profit improvement strategy
  • Sales management system and process innovation
  • Supply Chain innovation and KPI setting for Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing research and strategic planning for entry into overseas markets
  • Strategic planning for revamping domestic distribution business

Consumer Business Service Concept

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