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A professional consulting firm to help clients implement innovative solutions for
financial management, supply chain management and business transformation.

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Terms of Use

Terms of Use of our Website

  • This website is intended to provide information from @Stream Corporation (Hereafter referred to as ‘Our Firm’).
  • The utmost care is taken to ensure the accuracy, fullness, and value of information provided through this website, but we will not fully guarantee to the extent.
  • Our Firm may change the URL or contents of this website with out notification. Our Firm will not be responsible for any damages which may occur through changing the content or URL of this website.
  • Our Firm will not be responsible for any damages incurred through the delay, discontinuation, suspension, or cancellation of information provided through this website.
1. Copyright
Our Firm retains all rights to information and content provided through this website.
The unauthorized reproduction, reprinting, use or sale of information from this site is forbidden.
To obtain authorization to use information from this website, contact us at:
2. Links
Should you wish to post a link on this website, please contact us at:
For further information please view the [ Link Policy ] page.
3. Privacy Policy
We take the utmost care in protection personal information. For more details, visit our [ Privacy Policy ] page.
4. Regulations and district court
The use and interpretation of this website is based upon Japan regulations. Any dispute concerning this website will be addressed in the Osaka District Court.
5. Basic support, browser, plugins
This website is designed to support the following configurations.Though this site is viewable with other configurations, some pages may not be displayed properly or extra time may be required for the page to appear according to connection speed and/or machine performance.
[Basic Support]
OS : Windows98/98SE/ME/2000/XP
Recommended connection speed : more than 56kbps
Display resolution : above 800x600 pixel
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or above Netscape Navigator 7.0 or above
Adobe Reader (for viewing .PDF files)
Update information
Information concerning the terms of use for this website has been updated 11/05/2004.

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