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A professional consulting firm to help clients implement innovative solutions for
financial management, supply chain management and business transformation.

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■Corporate Planning & Financial Management Consulting

@Stream supports global manufacturing corporations in promoting timely PDCA for revenue structure reformation and group consolidation through constructing cost management systems as well as consolidated 3-axis revenue management practices.

  • Build consolidated Three-axis revenue management system based on Product, Customer/Market, and Locale
  • Restructure Cost and Revenue management systems

3-axis Revenue Management Structuring

We use a 3-axis revenue management system of Product, Market/Customer, and Location to clarify and improve revenue planning, results, and forecasting.

3-axis Revenue Management Structuring

●Restructuring Cost Management Systems

Our expertise in cost management restructuring can help you increase profits, restructure costs, innovate production and sales, and improve the corporate planning process.

Restructuring Cost Management Systems
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