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A professional consulting firm to help clients implement innovative solutions for
financial management, supply chain management and business transformation.

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President's Message

Hiroshi Daikuya

The value, consulting firms provide to the clients, had been varied through the time.  While some of firms only seek own profit and charge outrageously high prices, some of firms provide the solutions which are not essential for the clients. To breakthrough this situation, we established @Stream in the spring of 2001.

Our catch-phrase was “To be the most trusted consulting firm” at that time. We have aimed to create the place for the members, who believe in providing the right value to the client through consultation as a life mission, and this became the starting point of our journey.

@Stream Corporation

President  Hiroshi Daikuya

Our Steady Aim

Since the establishment of @Stream, we have gained a lot of opportunities to support the variety of clients. Throughout our services, we aim to exceed the expectations of the clients and to be recognized as trusted partners. And also, regardless of the contracts, we build a strong and long lasting relationship with our clients.
In the process of achieving those aims, we have been conducting Process Innovation Seminar, which is the place to share our experiences and to build networks among our clients and business partners, and @Stream Academy, which is the workshop to stimulate knowledge and abilities among participants every year.

Our Strengths

Our greatest strength is members. The members, mostly gained a range of experience in large global consulting firms, have a specialty in the field of Accounting and Financial Management, IT Systems Planning and Implementation, Performance Improvement as well as HR development. And those members support clients to solve the strategic issues they face.
Members, who are moved by our values and services, joined @Stream and enjoy challenging the consulting service deliveries, which cannot execute in large global consulting firms. @Stream is a true professional firm which looks towards the interest of the clients.

Our Goal

“Being the professional consulting firm through the continuous stretch in our strengths and styles, to support Japanese firms to gain the corporate competitiveness” is our vision. To achieve this vision, we are also engaged in enhancing the capabilities to tackle client’s issues raised in the global environment.
However difficult our challenge might be, we stick with our values, that is integrity, accomplishment and continuous growth, and make our best effort to support our clients.


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