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A professional consulting firm to help clients implement innovative solutions for
financial management, supply chain management and business transformation.

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Consultant Profile

Hiroshi Daikuya
大工舎 宏(Hiroshi Daikuya)
Major Areas of Expertise
●Business structure remodeling / Profitability structure remodeling / New business development strategy
●Financial management systems (corporate performance management, management accounting, cost management)
●Organization change and transformation, sustaining improved results
Professional background
Previously worked for Arthur Andersen
Japan Certified Public Accoutant
Satoshi Adachi
安達 悟志 (Satoshi Adachi)
Major Areas of Expertise
●Business strategy, business growth strategy, new business development planning
●Marketing and sales force reengineering, Sales reinforcement program development
●Corporate strategy-based information systems planning
Professional background
Previously worked for IBM, Arthur Andersen, Bearing Point (currently PwC).
Masahito Nakahira
中平 将仁(Masahito Nakahira)
Major Areas of Expertise
●SCM innovation (inventory reduction, lead-time reduction, production control process reengineering)
●Information system design for ERP reengineering
●New product development process and design process reengineering
Professional background
Previously worked for Daiwa Bank (currently Resona Bank), Rohm, Arthur Andersen, BearingPoint (currently PwC).

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