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■Consumer Business Consulting

Creating Corporate Value through MSO (Marketing-Strategy-Operation) Total Service

MSO Total Service focuses on not only single issues, but also total complete approach from strategy to operation based on a customer's viewpoint and actual situation.

●MSO Total Solution Approach based on the Customer viewpoint
MSO Total Solution Approach based on the Customer viewpoint

Creating corporate value is achieved through innovation of all three factors of MSO.

  • (Find the Attractive Market)……Based on a customer viewpoint,
  • (Organize the Strategy)……Identify and clarify the best strategy,
  • (Establish the winning Operation)……and create a process,system,and organization to carry out the plan.

Retail Industry

We can support efforts to improve the revenue and profit performance of existing stores and help plan new profitable stores.

Food Service Industry

As the food-service industry market lifecycle is becoming shorter and there is continuous market entry, it is important to develop a store-plan and format which will meet the needs of the changing market.

Consumer Products Industry

Increasing Sales power and supporting the innovation of the supply chain, sales and revenue management to effectively utilize it.

Service Business

Helping to create a unique service and maintain profitability in the Service Business where the goal is to provide service from a customer viewpoint.

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